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Client Testimonials

Nick Swirad

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    Having previously invested in other property businesses for a fixed return, I started investing with Lee Tuck and Unified Property last year. Prior to our agreement, I met with Lee several times and discussed thoroughly his business plan after analysing his previous projects as well. What impressed me about the company was its openness and transparency; when I asked for more and more details about the current and previous projects they were provided immediately with all documentation. We talked through every detail of my own investment ensuring I knew my money was safe, and this process also allowed me to fully understand and believe in his vision in detail.
    It has been a pleasure working with such a professional company and everything that was promised was delivered on time. I would definitely recommend to anyone considering working with Lee to seriously consider this option as I could not have asked more from him or the company.

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    I met Lee during our time together playing for the same football club. I got to know him really well and as we spent more time together I became aware of Lees passion for property and that he had a successful portfolio. 
    After a few discussions with Lee he showed me his current properties and we spoke about his plans. I decided to invest some of my money into his business for a fixed return and after a successful return on investment with no issues along the way I decided to double my investment. It has been a really good for me as it allows my savings to make money so I am able to concentrate on my football. It’s been a very smooth process. Lee has been great and is always more then happy to help if I have any questions.



      I'm so happy investing with Lee Tuck.

      I trust Lee to invest my money and I'm getting a good return. I don't do any work and what Lee is doing is very successful. I have full faith in the property business which I really appreciate.

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